CyberNetKids Website Creation Licensing Program 

What is the Licensing Program?

We allow organizations and individuals to offer CyberNetKids classes through our licensing program. This gives you an opportunity to generate income while teaching children to build websites. There is a required instructor certification process will train you to teach both the Website Creation and the Website Creation 2.0 classes. Get ready for the new year by signing up and going through the certification process in December. Seats are limited so act now.


  • Learn a new skill that can be used not only to teach but to help others create websites
  • Teach kids how to be creators of information, not just consumers
  • Obtain a revenue stream by teaching classes (e.g. a single class could sell for $80/student plus hosting - with 5 students a year earn $400 from student fees)
  • Realize a residual income stream from students who are hosting host (ex. with only 100 students hosting you earn almost $200/month)
  • Access creative marketing materials

Ideas on Where to Teach Classes:

  • Weekend programs
  • After-school programs
  • Church youth groups
  • Workshops scheduled on teacher planning days or other days

What You Get with an Active License and Certification:

  • Training to prepare you to teach CyberNetKids classes
  • Access to state-of-the-art curriculum
  • Use of Virginia (online Virtual Assistant) to access relevant online training classes
  • Your own hosted website for advertising
  • Marketing material
  • Listing on website as a certified instructor
  • Access to discussion forums with other instructors
  • $1.95 each month for each student that signs up for our hosting plan
  • Monthly newsletter for you and your families that have hosting accounts
  • Access to teach and use the Web 2.0 modules

Certification Process:

  • Successfully complete 5 hours of class with a certified instructor
  • Complete all homework for Website Creation and Website Creation 2.0
  • Participate in a class as an observation
  • Teach a class and pass the certification observation
The certification course will take a little over a week to complete.

Next Class:

Certification Class dates:

  • Dec 6: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - In class instruction
  • Dec 13: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm - Teaching observation and certification process


  • Annual License Fee $100
  • Certification Training and Process: $250 per instructor - one time fee
  • Continued Cost: $11.95/month for CyberNetKids subscriptions for students (you receive $1.95/month per student)

Examples of Kids' Sites:

Nandi - 12        Jaela - 9       Jamie - 12      Cameron - 9    

Initial Marketing Materials

cnk sales sheet icon.png

CNK Sales Sheet.pdf

  • CyberNetKids brochure above
  • Once certification process is completed, you are authorized to put CyberNetKids certification on your business cards
  • The short YouTube video below demonstrates the Content Management System used to teach CyberNetKids. Check it out!

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