Every CyberNetKids class emphasizes exploration and discovery. Our classes yield immediate results while simultaneously laying a solid foundation for technical fluency.

Website Creation
The internet is here to stay. In our dynamic, hands-on Website Creation class, children master this new media in a safe and rewarding manner. In this class, each child will develop their own website (, showcasing content developed through engaging activities.
Students will:

  • Create multimedia narratives with photos that they take themselves
  • Discover different modules to create a variety of page types
  • Learn to use the internet in a safe and ethical manner

Advanced Web 2.0 Creation
Building on the initial Website Creation class, students continue their exploration with Web 2.0 features. They will add safe chat, comments, ratings, and other interactive communication techniques to their websites. As the students progress, they will learn safe ways to communicate over the web under supervision. Parents will have a special login that will allow them to see what their children are doing on-line at any time.
Students will:

  • Learn web collaboration and communication techniques
  • Build safe chat capacity on their sites
  • Incorporate comments and ratings for visitor feedback

CyberNet Research
Learn to swim in a sea of information

  • Understand how to find information with search engines, directory services, governmental websites and social media among other sources
  • Build a foundation for a healthy skepticism in evaluating credibility of information sources
  • Use critical thinking to go beyond the information that they find and draw conclusions 

Animation and Game Programming I
Children learn the fundamentals of programming through creating animations and games, using Scratch, an object-oriented visual programming environment developed at the Media Lab at MIT. This is done in an easy-to-use, interactive environment encouraging discovery and play as learning methods.
Students will:

  • Discover programming fundamentals through developing animations and games
  • Design engaging and educational animation stories and interactive games
  • Learn to incorporate completed projects into their websites

Animation and Game Programming II
Building upon the foundation established in the previous class, students will expand their programming skills and develop additional organization and logic skills.
The students will:

  • Learn advanced programming techniques by developing animations and games
  • Add more user interaction to programming projects
  • Gain additional design and structured programming skills

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